Pricing and payment plans.

Each site which we develop is completely unique and so it is difficult to provide a one-price-fits-all figure. Prices are based on the time spent on development of the site as per the customer's requirements so will vary from site to site, depending on the requirements but our most basic package starts at R 125.00 per month for hosting and includes a monthly backup and framework and plugin updates.

We will provide a firm quote when you contact us and we have a complete understanding of your requirements and the scope of the project.

We offer various payment options for the development we do. Our most basic development package starts at R 2500.00 which is a once off payment. Dependent on your budget you may choose an immediate, over six months or over twelve months payment plan. This helps with managing your budget and assists your bottom line.

We also offer value-added options for sites such as a daily, weekly or monthly backup plan, SEO monitoring and reporting as well as site security options.

To request a quote simply fill out our no obligation form with as much detail as possible and we will get back to you within one working day.

  Types of sites

A broad description of the types of sites we develop is:

Static Site

A static site has content which rarely, if ever, changes. This type of site is used to primarily convey information to users. If your needs are this basic and you have some technical expertise, it may be worth searching on the internet for free website providers. There are a number of them which provide a free drag-and-drop type of website creation interface. The only disadvantage is that personalised email addresses are not part of the package so if you need users to interact with you via email, then our solution may be a better fit for your needs.

An example of such a site is

Dynamic Site

A dynamic site offers some interactivity between the site and the user. This interactive capability may be used to gather information from the user, use information from the user to do a calculation and present the result back to the user or allow the user access to tools on the site. Most websites are dynamic in one form or another and this is usually the type of site one would require.

An example of such a site is the site you are now on,

E-commerce Site

An e-commerce site is specifically designed to sell products or services via the website.

  Types of packages

Basic Package

Our basic package consists of up to five static pages with a contact form and five email addresses. This package is best suited for static websites.

Standard Package

Our standard package consists of unlimited web pages with ten email addresses. These sites are all content management sites (CMS) meaning that you are provided with a back end log in to the site and you are able to add, change or update content on the site as required, yourself. This package is best suited for dynamic websites.

Business Package

Our business package offers a complete custom solution for your specific requirement. A practical example would be if you have representatives on the road selling a product and you want them to be able to log in to the website and check stock availability, place an order, generate an invoice and receive payment from a handheld smart device or tablet. This package is best suited for dynamic or e-commerce websites, or a mix of the two.

E-commerce package

An e-commerce site is an advanced solution with hardened security specifically designed for on-line sales of goods and services. Often these websites incorporate elements of dynamic as well as static sites too.

  Value added services

All our sites come with the following optional add-on services:

Daily, weekly or monthly database backups.

Daily, weekly or monthly site backups.

Weekly or monthly SEO monitoring and reporting.

Daily, weekly or monthy analytics report.

Feature enhancements and custom development per request.

Owned or distributed content management.

Service Level Agreements per project as per add on service.