What is SEO and why is it important.

The small business website, The Balance, describes SEO as follows: "A broad definition is that search engine optimization is the art and science of making web pages attractive to search engines."

Although this is probably a very simplistic defenition for a complex subject, it is nevertheless accurate. Search engine optimization is not a "once-off" deal though. There are many factors which influence how well your site ranks within search engines. For example, you business focus may change which means that key words in your site are no longer relevant to the market you are trying to reach with your site. Products or services on your site may change due to availability or business restructuring, again affecting words which are used to track your site's SEO. Some search engines, like Google, change or enhance their SEO algorithm on a fairly regular basis, again leading to changes in how your site is indexed within the search engine's database.

The take away from this is that SEO is an ongoing process which needs to be monitored, fine tuned and adjusted to ensure optimum visibility for your site if your site is heavily dependent on search traffic to generate sales. This takes time. There is no magic formula to make it happen instantaneously but there are many reputable companies around to assist customers with these services.

To ensure that your site is readily visible to search engines, we provide a SEO-ready site on completion of development.

You can read more about SEO at this link.